Life Unlimited & Mobility Centre
Rebrand, Brand Collateral, Storefront Design, Signage, Vehicle Graphics
Life Unlimited is a charitable organisation offering a range of health and disability service, advice and equipment. After acquiring The Mobility Centre, a store offering mobility products and service, it was evident that the existing brands would both need a refresh allowing each to be it's own unique brand while still feeling like part of the same organisation. 
The old Life Unlimited brand was difficult to read, had too much going on and felt generic. The new logo designed by Scorch was cleaner, clearer and had more practical applications while adding a little personality and energy.
The Mobility Centre brand used the same approach with it's own unique icon and layout to separat it from the main Life Unlimited brand. The abstract icon embodies movement and energy giving it's customers a sense of the goal of the store - to provide mobility solutions, particularly to those with disabilities or age-related issues.
With these two new brands, we could then develop a number of store fronts around New Zealand along with stationary and vehicle design. Also introduced where silhouetted illustrations demonstrating a range of products.
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